Glasgow University’s Recovering Community podcast focuses on the Kenmure Street protest

Interest in the Kenmure Street protest continues to grow. Glasgow University’s School of Social & Political Sciences has released a podcast in its Recovering Community series that considers the protest within Glasgow’s tradition of community activism. Head of school Professor Anne Kerr joins sociology lecturer Dr Teresa Piacentini (who was at the protest) and herContinue reading “Glasgow University’s Recovering Community podcast focuses on the Kenmure Street protest”

New Home Office Statement on Kenmure Street Protest is Completely Inadequate and Fails to Address Community Concerns

To mark three months since the Kenmure Street protest and to highlight the lack of engagement from the Home Office, #NotAMob put out a press release that repeated the key issues and questions that local residents, our elected representatives and many other stakeholders have raised following the dawn raid in May. Holyrood Magazine covered ourContinue reading “New Home Office Statement on Kenmure Street Protest is Completely Inadequate and Fails to Address Community Concerns”

Remarkable Photo Essay on Kenmure Street Protest by Alasdair Watson

We have just discovered an arresting pictorial essay from photographer Alasdair Watson who spent eight hours at the protest. His images put you right in the heart of the crowd and capture key moments from the day with technical skill and beauty. His accompanying essay is a comprehensive and considered account of the event. ForContinue reading “Remarkable Photo Essay on Kenmure Street Protest by Alasdair Watson”

Cross-Party Letter sent to Home Office

As a result of the Kenmure Street protest last week, a cross-party group of Glasgow politicians has written to the Home Office urging the end of “dawn raids”. The signatories include Nicola Sturgeon, Anas Sarwar and Patrick Harvie. Libby Brooks’ article for the Guardian gives more information on this and recent answers to written questionsContinue reading “Cross-Party Letter sent to Home Office”

What Eileen Reid Saw From Her Window

Local resident Eileen Reid is a writer for The Scottish Review. She captured the day of the Kenmure Street protest in a detailed article. She includes an assessment of whether the crowd was a “mob”. “If critics genuinely had an issue about law enforcement, why not direct questions to Police Scotland, who didn’t enforce it?Continue reading “What Eileen Reid Saw From Her Window”

Safer Streets for All?

We discovered that Home Secretary Priti Patel was in charge of a debate in the House of Commons this week that was all about safer streets. Several Scottish MPs raised the issue of the heavy-handed, inhumane actions of the Immigration Enforcement action in Kenmure Street. These MPs praised the people of Pollokshields. You can readContinue reading “Safer Streets for All?”

Where Did #NotAMob Come From?

Very soon after the Kenmure Street protest we were hearing that the Home Office had called the peaceful protest a “mob”. One of the first journalists to report this was BBC Newsnight’s Lewis Goodall: One anonymous neighbour decided that something should be done to respond. A leaflet appeared in closes asking people to come outContinue reading “Where Did #NotAMob Come From?”

#KenmureStreet Protest in the Media

Here are some key articles and resources. If you share them please use the hashtag #NotAMob to help us grow our community: Firstly, an article by writer and academic Gerry Hassan, who used to live in Kenmure Street, and still lives in Pollokshields. Gerry was on-the-spot. He writes about the eight hour protest, the releaseContinue reading “#KenmureStreet Protest in the Media”