We are just getting started…

After the community protest, Kenmure Street neighbours got talking and decided that something long-lasting and positive must come from the events on their street. This is a first step.

We are a small band and we need more people to join us. You can read about how we got our name here. During Covid, we are meeting on the street and in the “People’s Bus Shelter“, which played a key role during the protest as a base for food, drink and other aid.

The initial idea came for the group came from David Millar, who lives right beside the protest location. David took this video of the release of our neighbours from his window. It captures the end of a successful, peaceful protest. You will see we are very much #NotAMob. Just a community of good neighbours.

Turn up the volume and listen to the chanting.

(And don’t forget to complete our survey.)

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