Glasgow University’s Recovering Community podcast focuses on the Kenmure Street protest

Interest in the Kenmure Street protest continues to grow. Glasgow University’s School of Social & Political Sciences has released a podcast in its Recovering Community series that considers the protest within Glasgow’s tradition of community activism.

Head of school Professor Anne Kerr joins sociology lecturer Dr Teresa Piacentini (who was at the protest) and her colleague Dr Cetta Mainwaring to discuss the immigration policy landscape and Kenmure Street’s community response.

Maryhill Integration Network‘s Pinar Aksu and #NotAMob‘s David Millar are interviewed as part of the podcast and talk about their experience of the protest and its aftermath.

“Whose is the city? In Kenmure Street we were saying, “These are our neighbours. These are our streets. These are our homes”. So, you know, who makes claims to belong to the city is a really important question to reflect on.”


Source: Recovering Community Podcast, 08/10/21

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