Kenmure Street Protest Features in BBC Northern Ireland Documentary

The Sunday after the Kenmure Street Protest, you may have seen a film crew from BBC Northern Ireland’s Spotlight programme in the local area. The BBC crew was in Scotland making a documentary about the political environment after the Holyrood election. The protest took place during their visit. They saw it as significant and changed their filming schedule to come and capture the aftermath and put it in a wider political context.

The 30 minute programme, Scotland and the Union, is worth watching from the beginning. It is available on BBC iPlayer for 11 months. The section on Kenmure Street starts at 13:40 minutes.

Many thanks to journalist and writer Lesley Riddoch, who is interviewed within the programme. Lesley had been in touch with us after the protest researching an article and connected us to the Spotlight team. If you don’t already know, Lesley produces a weekly podcast. Episode 660, “The Bute House Shuffle”, includes her impressions of the events on Kenmure Street last month. She doesn’t think we’re a mob.

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