Remarkable Photo Essay on Kenmure Street Protest by Alasdair Watson

We have just discovered an arresting pictorial essay from photographer Alasdair Watson who spent eight hours at the protest. His images put you right in the heart of the crowd and capture key moments from the day with technical skill and beauty.

His accompanying essay is a comprehensive and considered account of the event. For more details see Alasdair’s blog. His comment on the protest:

“In all my life, I’ve never experienced anything quite like it – this was not a premeditated protest, this was an entirely organic and spontaneous exercise of direct action, and the result of years of community organisation and residents resisting unjust authority.”

Alasdair Watson, Photographer

If there is ever a book or exhibition about the protest, this work should be included. I wonder if the Tramway has free space at the moment?

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